To use the Carbon Snuffer



Unroll the snuffer alongside the Spinnaker/Gennaker to insure that leech and luff is aligned according to the snuffers edges.

Pull in

Grap the Snuffer head webbing with one hand and the carbon funnel with the other hand as shown.

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Attach the snuffer “head-webbing” to the Spinnaker/Gennaker top clew with a shackle.

Pull through

Pull the entire snuffer over the sail up to the Spinnaker/Gennaker lower clews.

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Carrying case

The additional OXLEY® carrying case is the proof that there is a high degree of potential for optimization even in seemingly trivial products. It captivates with its oval base and high-quality craftsmanship. The inner bottom and the bottom side faces are lined with styrofoam and covered with an abrasion-resistant material. With laterally attached compression belts, the volume can be reduced to a third of its full size – an important argument for optimal usage of storage space.

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