To use the Boatswain Chair


Put on

Place the left leg through the
left leg-loop, followed by the
right leg through the right

Pull up

Pull the seat up and
around the hips, holding on
to the spreader bar.

Shoulder straps

Place your arm through the shoulder straps, using the red loops to pull them tight.

Haylard rope

Take the Halyard rope and pull it through the central connection loop as shown. Ideally use a bowline knot to secure you.


Safety first

We have equipped the seat with a spreader bar as well with individual and paddad leg straps. The carbon fiber boom insures maximum saftey as it is nearly impossible to flip upside down.


The Boatswain Chair

The boatswain chair bag can be strapped around the spreader bar as displayed to be used as a tool bag.

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